Event: Gold Rush (05/25/18 - 11:32AM)

Generals, the time has come for another speed round event! This time, however, we have upped the ante: You will play on a 500 player map at 4x speed with drastically increased Goldmark rewards. Don't hesitate and join this massive rush for gold! The rules: - ...

Release Notes 2018/05/23 (05/23/18 - 03:18PM)

Generals, while we are busy working on our revamp plans for Supremacy 1914 we have not stopped fixing bugs along the way. Here's the list of today's changes: - In some cases, it was not possible to change the diplomatic relations with coalition members via the Diplomacy panel. This ...

Speed Rounds unavailable (05/18/18 - 03:14PM)

Generals, unfortunately, a bug has affected a number of running speed rounds which led to all players being flagged as inactive - and hence to the premature termination of those rounds. We are very sorry about this and are currently investigating the reason for it. We will update you on the ...