Speed-Up Madness Event (10/18/17 - 03:06PM)

Generals! Are you running low on coins but still want to get that decisive edge in combat? Are you ready to give your production a well-timed boost to turn the tides of battle in your favor? Then make sure you check out our upcoming “Speed-Up Madness” event!

Freedom of Choice (10/10/17 - 12:15PM)

Dear Generals, with today’s update we are taking another step towards our overhaul of the Supremacy 1914 coalition feature. When creating a new game you can now choose to completely disable coalitions for that game round. When joining an existing game make sure to check the game ...

Double XP Event (10/04/17 - 04:09PM)

Generals! Do you envy your rivals who keep surpassing you in the ranking? Are you trying to get those last missing ranking points to join the most competitive maps? Then make sure you check out our upcoming Double XP Event! Gather your strongest allies and mobilize your ...