Tear down that wall! (05/17/18 - 04:39PM)

Generals! Some of you may be familiar with the 'Earn Goldmark’ tab in our shop - also called “offer wall” - and maybe have also used it. However, we often received complaints that the offer wall didn’t work as intended and that finding suitable offers would be a time-consuming and ...

Speed Round Event - 100p (04/25/18 - 12:15PM)

Dear generals, the time has come for another speed round event! Cancel all your plans and prepare for some short nights and long fights starting on Friday! The rules: - 4x speed - starts when full - random country selection - players ...

A Glance into the Future (04/24/18 - 02:47PM)

Dear generals, in 2019 we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Supremacy 1914! What better time than now to talk about the future of the game that many of you have been playing for almost a decade now. Supremacy 1914 has always been the darling of Bytro Labs - not ...