Speed Round Event (03/14/18 - 03:21PM)

Dear generals, the time has come for another speed round event! Cancel all your plans and prepare for some short nights and long fights starting on Friday! The rules: - 4x speed - starts when full - random country selection - players ...

Game Update 2018/03/13 (03/13/18 - 04:34PM)

Today's update features a number of bugfixes and small improvements to make your games of Supremacy 1914 more enjoyable: - Some players received defeat pop-ups even though they won the round. This has been fixed. - Text fields in the Diplomacy menu were deselected after some time. This has ...

Mesopotamian Blitzkrieg (02/21/18 - 04:36PM)

Generals! The Middle East is aflame! Are you ready to join the struggle for domination in Mesopotamia and lead our surprise offensive? Then make sure to check out our upcoming Mesopotamian speed round event! This special event map will combine the strategic ...