Free for All Event (12/14/17 - 05:06PM)

Generals! Are you bored with pre-XMAS joy and laughter? Are you looking for a retreat from friends and family? Do you want to show all the world who rules supreme in Supremacy 1914? Then make sure to check out our pre-XMAS “Free For All” event! In this event you will ...

All I Need for Christmas is Bug Fixes (12/12/17 - 04:25PM)

Dear generals, in our final release before Christmas we have prepared only the most select and distinguished bug fixes and sprinkled a little polishing on top. Feast your eyes on today’s update and what gifts it brings: - In the past, attacking enemies on neutral ...

Update: Server Issues (12/06/17 - 05:26PM)

Dear Generals, on December 5, many of you had troubles reaching the Supremacy 1914 website and accessing their games. For this extended downtime we would like to apologize. The reason were endlessly repeated webserver calls which resulted in a massive amount of internal emails being sent, which in turn caused some servers to ...