Speed Round Event (08/29/17 - 07:13PM)

The battle heats up! Ready yourselves for a time-limited “Speed Round Event” hitting Supremacy 1914 on Thursday, August 31. For 2 days we will create special 100-player event maps with accelerated game speed (4 times normal speed): Faster production, travel speed, and more - these maps will ...

Running Like Clockwork (08/01/17 - 05:22PM)

Generals! With all European nations mobilizing their armies to face the looming conflict in the East, timing your own war preparations is of utmost importance. With this week’s update we help you make your war machinery run like clockwork: the production and construction menus now ...

Thrust towards the East (07/18/17 - 03:59PM)

Generals! Our spies have alerted us that European leaders are massing their troops for an eastbound offensive of unknown purpose. Rumors have it that German and British interests lie in the rich lands of Mesopotamia where they have started ...