Love is in the details ♥ (11/22/17 - 03:30PM)

Dear generals, in our ceaseless struggle for perfection we have eradicated a couple of nasty bugs which none of you will ever miss: - Map-specific winning medals were not properly given out in the case of coalition victories. This has been fixed. - Selling and buying on the ...

We want you! - Become a member of our Support Team (11/13/17 - 05:25PM)

Step forward, volunteers! You want to be more than just one amongst many players? You want to actively participate in the community, help other users with your knowledge and shape the future of our game? Then we are searching you! Become a member of our Support Team now and do your ...

Speed Round Event 2.0 (11/10/17 - 09:28AM)

Dear generals, the time has come for another speed round event! Cancel all your plans and prepare for some short nights and long fights during the next 14 days. But pay attention: This improved version of our popular 100p speed round not only comes with real-time dates and timers ...