05/29/18 - 02:40PM
Revamp Update #1: Origins and Evolution

Dear generals,

a few weeks ago we announced our plans to make Supremacy 1914 ready for the future by introducing a number of visual and technological improvements to the game in the upcoming months. With today’s progress update we would like to cast a glance back and reflect on how the game’s visual appearance has changed throughout the years - and how this legacy is inspiring the next step in the evolution of Supremacy 1914.

When S1914 reached open beta state in 2009 the map view was probably the only thing that reminds you of today’s game. The flat, brownish UI was reminiscent of the paperwork needed to run an army (and a country). Overall, the game embraced the retro look of 1990s strategy games with a strong focus on displaying stats and other important information.

In 2010, we introduced a completely revamped user interface which left its mark on the game up until today: A design featuring highly detailed assets and textures from World War I like morse telegraphs, wooden panels, iron bolts and shells. While later iterations of the design toned down a bit on the realism you can still see traces of it on the current website implementation.

With the introduction of the HTML5-Client in 2014 the overall look became a little less focused on realistic assets and ornamental effects again and removed Java as a potential obstacle for new players. Among other things, this change made it possible for Supremacy 1914 to stay competitive in the browser gaming landscape up until today and paved the road for other successful products at Bytro Labs.

Mail delivery working againWith the upcoming revamp we will once more take a technological leap forward and combine it with a general design update. By introducing WebGL as a state-of-the-art rendering technology we will bring a whole new level of detail to the map - while still allowing for precise controls at different zoom levels. We also think that increasing the level of detail for units and buildings is an important step to make Supremacy 1914 ready for the future of browser gaming.

A look at some work-in-progress designs for the in-game UI shows how we want to drastically improve the overall look and feel while staying true to the legacy of S1914. By removing most ornamental assets and effects from the interface elements we aim to focus on the information relevant to actual gameplay. At the same time, the sharp and clean but not too colorful design conveys an idea of 'modernity' which was actually pretty virulent in Europe in the 1910s and 1920s.

Units and buildings on the other hand will feature a level of detail that does not compare to any previous versions of S1914. Our approach is to capture the 'grittiness' and seriousness of World War I in those details and mix it with a 'modern' feeling that is reminiscent of the fact that it is today considered the first ‘modern’ war in history.

We can’t wait to share further details and work-in-progress and look forward hearing your feedback on the forum!