04/24/18 - 02:47PM
A Glance into the Future

Dear generals,

in 2019 we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Supremacy 1914! What better time than now to talk about the future of the game that many of you have been playing for almost a decade now.

Supremacy 1914 has always been the darling of Bytro Labs - not only for sentimental reasons. The S1914 community is by far our most loyal and engaged player base. Together we have weathered many storms throughout the years: balancing changes, features being introduced or removed, moving from Java to HTML5 and much more. Being able to sustain a browser game for such a long period of time can be considered an achievement and all of you have contributed in making this possible.

In order to prepare for the big anniversary next year, we have something special planned which will boost Supremacy 1914 to a whole new level - especially in terms of its general look and feel. The online gaming landscape has changed quite a bit in recent years while Supremacy 1914 has not shown the same level of changes. By introducing a number of long-due improvements to the game we want to make sure that the game continues to stay fun for existing and new players.

New visuals: We will introduce a more up-to-date map view to the game which will become the default for new users (while the ‘classic’ view will remain a selectable option for existing players for some time). This will include more map and unit details, nicer colors and an overall more realistic appearance. We will also restyle the user interface (menus, dialogues etc.), giving it a bit more polish but staying true to the Supremacy 1914 legacy.

New website: We will completely rework the main website to give you quicker access to the games, statistics and new content. We are specifically designing it as a central hub or headquarters for you to engage with fellow players and immerse yourself in the game and community.

New forum: We will set up a new forum to replace the old one which has started to get quite buggy recently.

New map rendering technology: We are currently exploring new ways to improve the performance of our map rendering through 3D acceleration - especially on larger maps with many units. After the rework you can expect zooming and scrolling to be a breeze. We will also be able to add new features like stepless zooming or better highlighting of important elements.

We are really excited to bring all of these improvements to you in 2018! Please check out the announcement thread on the forum. We will continuously disclose new details in a series of posts over the next couple of months. We would also like to include you in the process and hear your feedback on our plans. Our main goal is to foster the game and community - this is why we would love to have your support and hear your thoughts.

Your Supremacy 1914 team