01/17/18 - 04:06PM
A New Look

Dear Generals,

what better way to start the new year than by giving Supremacy 1914 a little polish - both visually and in terms of gameplay: In order to help you spot interesting game rounds more easily we have reworked the "My Games" and “New Games” list, as well as the game creation menu, including shiny new pictures of your favorite maps. In addition, we have improved the Elite AI by fixing a bug that kept it from using a diverse army composition (including mechanical units).

We also fixed the following bugs:
- Sometimes the game information tab showed wrong or contradictory victory conditions. This has been fixed.
- Read messages kept their notification icon, this has been resolved.
- We fixed an issue with the newspaper when using guest login.

We hope you like the changes and look forward to hearing your feedback in the forum!

Your Supremacy 1914 team