01/10/18 - 04:36PM
Join the Arms Race


Are you looking for another challenge? Then check out our upcoming Arms Race event!

This popular event map will take place on the 31p map again: You will start the game with double the resources, a vast army of land units (ranging from infantry and armored cars to heavy tanks), and a single balloon. In addition, some of your provinces will sport high-level fortresses and factories, recruiting offices and more. Also, all technologies will be available from day 1.

- Sign-up period: January 12-15, 2018 (3pm CET)
- 4x speed
- double victory reward for top 3 players or winning coalition
- random country selection
- players flagged as inactive after 2 real-life days
- AI & human player peace period of 1 real-life day
- starts-when-full

Prepare for battle, generals, and good luck!