12/12/17 - 04:25PM
All I Need for Christmas is Bug Fixes

Dear generals,

in our final release before Christmas we have prepared only the most select and distinguished bug fixes and sprinkled a little polishing on top. Feast your eyes on today’s update and what gifts it brings:

- In the past, attacking enemies on neutral territory could trigger war with the neutral country. This has been fixed. (Note: Pop-ups might still be misleading; a fix will follow suite.)
- Games that are too old to be joined will be excluded from the non-filtered games list.
- The coalition list now shows the flags of all member countries for each coalition.
- The tooltip of the railroad gun does now show railroad speed.
- The current position field for all naval units contained no information. This has been fixed.
- For some players, the “upgrade member limit” button was not visible in the Alliance Warchest. This has been fixed.
- On the [Dominion] Mesopotamia map, AI nations offered diplomatic relations (like right of way or shared map). This has been fixed.

We hope you like this update and look forward to your feedback on .

Your Supremacy 1914 team