09/26/17 - 05:35PM

Dear Generals,

as announced last week, we have taken first steps to rework coalitions in Supremacy 1914:

- Coalitions now have a size limit (depending on map size). Check out last week’s announcement to learn about the implications for existing coalitions.
- Added bigger coalition flags.
- Fixed coalition member list and application list layout for coalition leaders by implementing smaller buttons with new icons.

In addition, we added a few bug fixes and improvements:

- We fixed a bug that led to a wrong sorting of the “New Games” list.
- Sometimes, the needed amount of players to click the “retire” button was not updated correctly when one of the 3 remaining players got inactive. This has been fixed..
- [Dominion] Mesopotamia 40p: Added geography around battle zone to make it look more realistic. The color of the surrounding geography changes based on the owner of the center oil refinery to highlight their dominance.
- Members of the High Command are now allowed to create up to 5 games per month.

We hope you like the changes and look forward to your feedback.

Your Supremacy 1914 team