09/12/17 - 04:31PM
The Mesopotamian Campaign


This is a call to arms! What started out as a trade expedition in the Middle East is now a full-fledged campaign. The Allies are massing their forces against the Central Powers in Mesopotamia to seize hold of strategic areas and secure the rich reserves of oil found between swamps and deserts. Take the lead, General, and claim what should be ours!

With today’s update we are happy to release the “[Dominion] Mesopotamia - 40 players” map. Dominion is an all new game mode, which will change the way how you play Supremacy 1914. In Dominion your goal is no longer to conquer countries, but to conquer and hold special points of interest (oil refineries) on the map. The starting area of each player is protected and cannot be conquered or damaged. Use this safe zone to plan your attack. The first player to hold 4 oil refineries for 3 continuous days will be declared winner. Coalitions and withdrawals are disabled. You may still form temporary pacts with other players to advance to your goal, but remember: In the end there can only be one winner who takes it all! A prestigious medal and 15,000 Goldmark will be the reward. Will you be able to achieve this glorious victory?

In addition, we made an important change to the way troops of defeated players are treated, together with small additional changes and an often requested bugfix:

- When players lose all their provinces AND become inactive or AI, their remaining armies are removed from the map and relations are reset to peace.
- Units on water have anchor icons (except when paired with ships) to make the difference between land and water more clear.
- Sometimes, units that entered the vision radius of your units were still shown as "?". This has been fixed.

During the last months we also often received feedback that some maps feel too empty or become inactive too quickly. Because of that we are limiting the number of games players can create to reduce the amount of empty maps:

- From now on players will only be able to create one game per month. We encourage everyone to join existing rounds instead for more exciting challenges. Alliance games are excluded from this limitation.
- With the next update Members of the High Command will be able to create 5 games per month.
- Additionally, players need the rank of Corporal to create games.

Good luck on the battlefield! We especially encourage you to check out the new Dominion map and get acquainted with its mechanics. You will need all the practice you can get: Starting on September 22, a special event, code-named “Black Gold” will be hosted exclusively on this new map. Stay tuned for more updates on the event details.

Your Supremacy 1914 team