08/29/17 - 07:13PM
Speed Round Event

The battle heats up! Ready yourselves for a time-limited “Speed Round Event” hitting Supremacy 1914 on Thursday, August 31. For 2 days we will create special 100-player event maps with accelerated game speed (4 times normal speed): Faster production, travel speed, and more - these maps will keep you constantly on your toes.

The event rounds will be created demand-based between Thursdays, August 31 and Friday, September 1 and take place on the 100p - World at War 1932 map. To find the games, search for game rounds with the [SPEED] tag in front of their titles during the event.

All games will have the ‘starts when full’ option enabled; games which are not filled by Friday 5pm CEST will be force-started. There will be a peace period against human players of 4 in-game days (= 1 real-life day), none for AI. Country selection will be random. The speed rounds allow for a maximum inactivity of 6 in-game days (= 1.5 real-life days).

Will you able to keep up the pace?

Your Supremacy 1914 team