Member of the High Command


You can become a „Member of the High Command" by purchasing the Premium Account in our Shop. As a Member of the High Command you can use certain features that aren't available to other players and that help especially those players who cannot be online around the clock. Therefore, members have more possibilities for cooperation with other players as well as more control over their nation's units and productions.


In the game and on the website, Members of the High Command can be recognized by this symbol:


  • Premium Account Benefits:
  • Free Gold Rounds
  • Premium Fan Medal
  • Premium Account Features:
  • General Mobilization
  • Rally Points
  • Build Queue
  • Advanced Fire Control
  • Shared Intelligence
  • Custom Article Images

Premium Account Benefits

Free Gold Rounds

As a Member of the High Command you can join Gold Rounds without paying the entrance fee of 5,000 GM. You can find out more about the special features of Gold Rounds by reading this article.


Premium Fan Medal

Every member of 12 months or longer receives an especially created medal that will be shown on their awards page:

Premium Account Features

General Mobilization

General Mobilization means that the whole nation is placed in mobilization mode. In particular, this means that from the beginning of each game there will be a finished recruiting office in every province. Also when a province is captured, this province will be immediately outfitted with a working recruiting office. It becomes unnecessary to worry about the recruiting of infantry units which gives players the possibility to start building more important infrastructure right away.



Rally Points

After units have been recruited or produced in the factories, they are usually waiting in the respective province they were finished in. Rally Points allow the setting of a destination for each province to which the units are sent immediately after they are recruited or produced.

Rally Points can be set for each province individually.

With this it is possible to rally your troops at one location and thus creating bigger Armies or you could send your troops directly to the frontlines without delay.

Rally Points can be set by opening the small province info and then clicking the flag first and then the desired destination on the map.

Example: The Rally Point for Labrador is set in the neighboring province.



Build Queue

The Build Queue allows players to plan their builds ahead of time and also to optimize their resource consumption.

It is a powerful tool to plan the building of upgrades and the production of units in your provinces. Instead of giving a build order immediately, you can add it to the global Build Queue. For this, a new yellow Build Queue button is added to the build menu right next to the green button for building something immediately.

The Build Queue itself is one of the tabs in the Province Administration window.

The build orders will be processed from top to bottom, but they can be rearranged by using drag & drop or the "Up"/"Down" buttons. They can be aborted by using the red button. The Build Queue also features some information about the estimated starting- and ending-time of a certain order. This calculation also factors in the current resource production and income rate of the country.

The price for a build order is not paid until the build actually begins, which allows for you to plan far ahead. The List also informs you if certain resources are missing and if they can be produced with the current resource settings. This allows you to buy missing resources in advance in order to ensure a smooth processing of your build orders while you are not online. Changing the settings in the stock market or the resource window will be immediately calculated into the build queue.

Example: A fortress is being built in Leipsic. After that, a factory has been added to the Build Queue. According to the calculation it will be completed in 8 days and 8 hours. Directly afterwards, artillery will be built which in turn will be completed in 12 days and 8 hours. All build orders from number 5 down are still missing some resources which are either not produced at all at the moment or not in high enough quantities.



Advanced Fire Control

Normally, long-range units in Supremacy 1914 make autonomous decisions on whether or not to attack enemies. The same goes for submarines.

The Advanced Fire Control which can be found in the army control panel and is operated with a slider, offers 4 different settings that allow you to take full control of your unit's behavior:

Hold Fire: Disables auto-bombardement with only explicit attack commands being executed.

Return fire: Only bombards enemy units which are also attacking us.

Fire at will: The default setting. Enemies are automatically attacked if the army does not have different orders.

Aggressive: All enemies in range will be attacked automatically. This setting even stops move orders from being executed.


The aggressive stance is a good option when moving a long-range unit. While moving into unexplored territory, it's possible that you come into range of an enemy unit. In the aggressive mode, a battleship will open fire instead of continuing to move.


The defensive stance can be useful if you want complete control over each attack of your units: They will only fire if you give them the order to do so. For submarines, this means that they can hide and let enemies pass in order to lure them into a trap.



Shared Intelligence

In the chapter about diplomacy we have already introduced the five diplomatic relations. Members of the High Command gain a sixth status which will open a new dimension of cooperation: If you grant Shared Intelligence to a player, he will not only receive the usual information from the Shared Map status, but also all spy reports that you collect. They will either be displayed in the Espionage Headquarters or in case of intelligence missions on the map itself. The only exception are spy reports about the player you have granted this status to.

Besides normal reports from spies and master spies, this option also shows the results of reconnaissance missions using airplanes or balloons.



Custom Article Images

Members of the High Command can add custom images to their articles in the in-game newspaper "Daily European". That way they can better illustrate their articles. Especially in role-playing games this option can create a high level of variety and authenticity.



You have reached the end of the manual. If you've still got questions, do not hesitate to post to the Supremacy 1914 forum.



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