This chapter will familiarize you with the realm of the Secret Service. Rest assured that neither friend nor foes will give you all the details about their possessions or their government. That's where the Secret Service comes into play: It offers you the opportunity to tap some unofficial sources to gather information that is not meant for the public.


  • The Secret Service
  • Intelligence Mission
  • Economical Sabotage
  • Military Sabotage
  • Counter Espionage
  • Master Spies

The Secret Service


You can activate the Espionage mode by pressing the lower button next to the overview map at the bottom left of the interface. The recruitment of a spy costs 20,000 pounds. When you have recruited one or more spies into your service, it is up to you to assign them one of the following missions:

  • Intelligence Missions (2,000 pounds/day)
  • Economical Sabotage (4,000 pounds/day)
  • Military Sabotage (4,000 pounds/day)
  • Counter Espionage (1,000 pounds/day)




To do so, choose an enemy province or generally the province of a player you want to gather information about. Then mark this province by clicking it. Now you can assign one or more of the already recruited spies to this province. To do this, you can choose a number by using the plus/minus buttons for each spy mission.



You can even choose more than one spy for the same mission (you have as many spies at your disposal as you have recruited for 20,000 pounds each). From now on the spy will try to gather information about the selected province or its ruler. The spy reports are always updated at day change. You can view them on the right of the Espionage window by selecting the player (or by leaving "All Players") in the dropdown menu and then clicking on the report for the desired province. Using the arrow buttons in the upper right corner you can view the spy reports from previous days and follow developments in each spied on province.








Intelligence Mission

Spies on intelligence missions gather information about the diplomatic and economic activities of the opponent. These include:


  • Reconnaissance of positions and missions of enemy spies
  • Incoming and outgoing communications
  • Information about armies in the target province and its surrounding area.
  • Information about resource production and trade
  • Information about the current factory production


Each spy on intelligence mission costs 2,000 pounds per spy and day.



Economical Sabotage

Spies that are told to commit acts of economical sabotage will try to damage the production and the morale of the province they are in. Their missions include:


  • Destruction of resources
  • Stealing of taxes
  • Decreasing the morale
  • Boosting the military production at the cost of economical production


Each spy on economical sabotage mission costs 4,000 pounds per spy and day.



Military Sabotage

Military saboteurs will try to disrupt the strategic plans and the infrastructure of the enemy. Military sabotage missions include:


  • Revealing all enemy armies
  • Damaging the upgrades in the province
  • Delaying the production of buildings
  • Boosting economical production at the cost of military production


Each spy on military sabotage mission costs 4,000 pounds per spy and day



Counter Espionage

Counter Spies defend your provinces against the effects of enemy spies and uncover enemy spies.


Each spy on counter espionage mission costs 1,000 pounds per spy and day.




  • Spies have a certain chance to get caught if they are stationed on foreign soil. The chance of getting caught for a spy on a sabotage mission is much higher than for a spy on an intelligence mission. This is due to the fact that sabotage missions involve a more severe intrusion into the enemy's economical or even military business than mere information gathering missions. The chance to get caught increases significantly if there are one or even more counter spies in the spied on province. Placing a spy on your home soil will automatically make him a counter spy.
  • Even spies who are not on a mission will cost you 500 pounds per day. Thus it might be useful to dismiss spies from your service that are no longer required. You can do that by using the "Dismiss" button in the Espionage window.




Master Spies


Master spies can deliver their spy reports immediately after you have assigned them to a province. They don't need to be recruited and they don't produce maintenance costs. Their recruitment costs between 1,000 and 4,000 Goldmark. In order to recruit a master spy you just have to select the desired province, choose a mission in the lower left panel and press "Purchase". The spy report will appear immediately in the spy report panel on the right.

For more detailed information on master spies, see the next chapter.








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