Special Units


Special units are only available in gold rounds or by selecting unit packs (which require a minimum rank) when creating a new game. In order to use them, you have to select one of the options in the section "Extra Units" when you create a new game.


  • Airplanes
  • Patrol
  • Attack
  • Relocation
  • Balloons
  • Mobility
  • Submarines
  • Capabilities
  • Detecting Submarines
  • Light Cruiser
  • Capabilities






  • Requires: Factory level 2
  • Costs: 20,000 pounds, 2,500 iron ore, 5,000 lumber, 5,000 oil
  • Production time: 6 days divided by factory level
  • Strength: 3 (air/ land/ sea)
  • Speed: 21km/h (land/sea) - 215 km/h (air)
  • Operation radius: 225 km
  • Special notes: Require aerodrome to operate

Airplanes are perfect for aerial reconnaissance, bombing enemy units and for air raid defenses over your provinces.



  • In order for airplanes to take-off, it is necessary to build an aerodrome.
  • In order to build airplanes, you don't need an aerodrome.



Airplanes allow you to do aerial reconnaissance. During this patrol, the airplanes are collecting information about the strength and formation of enemy units. In addition, patrolling airplanes attack enemy airplanes which execute orders in the range of your patrol. Airplanes that are just flying through the radius won't be attacked.

This patrol area is visualized by a blue circle (see image below). Airplanes can patrol within the plane's operating range (black circle).





Once you've ordered an attack, bombardments will continue until the target is destroyed. Airplanes have to return to their base after each attack to reload bombs.


Watch out while attacking with airplanes: Every ground force can defend itself with 10% of its normal firepower. In order to defend themselves against airplanes, the units have to be within the target area of the airplane.

In addition to that, enemy airplanes stationed at airfields or patrolling the skies over your bombing target will inflict damage on your planes. On the other hand, stationed airplanes can easily be destroyed by ground forces.



Airplanes can be relocated; for this they are loaded on ground vehicles for transporting them to other airfields. During the transport, the airplanes are as weak as land units and have the same speed as artillery units. It is advisable to only relocate airplanes when you're in big distance to enemy units.







  • Requires: Factory level 1
  • Costs: 20,000 pounds, 3,000 lumber, 3,000 gas
  • Production time: 4 days divided by factory level
  • Strength: 0.5 (land/ sea) / 0.05 (air)
  • Speed: 21km/h (land/sea)
  • Range of sight: 240 km

Balloons are tools for reconnaissance and can largely improve the range of sight of ground units, but they possess hardly any attack or defense strength. Thanks to their high range of sight you can detect enemy units much easier and faster. The same applies for targets for your high range weapons (artillery, railguns, and airplanes). The range of sight is equal to the operation range of railguns which makes them a good combination. Balloons are very vulnerable to any kind of enemy fire, especially to attacks using airplanes.




Balloons are attached to the ground by wires and are not freely maneuverable. Their mobility is limited to the routes all ground forces are bound to.


Image: A balloon has a much bigger range of sight than a normal infantry unit.






  • Requires: Factory level 2 plus harbour
  • Costs: 20,000 pounds, 3,000 iron ore, 2,000 lumber, 3,000 oil
  • Production time: 6 days divided by factory level
  • Strength: 4 / 4 (sea)
  • Speed: 21km/h (sea)
  • Range: none
  • Special notes: Can camouflage



As long as submarines do not attack, they are invisible for your enemy. Should an enemy cross one of your submarines, it will become visible and attack. As soon as the combat is over, your submarine will submerge again and can no longer be attacked by long range weapons. This obviously makes them a perfect first-strike weapon that can be used to attack enemy battleships. The psychological effect can be even bigger: Your enemy will never send his precious battleships in waters where you have many submarines. Therefore, submarines are perfect for defending coastal areas and blocking strategically important sea routes.



Detecting Submarines

One way of detecting enemy submarines is the use of spies. Their reports show you the locations of submarines.

Patrolling airplanes can also spot submarines, even if they are submerged.




Light Cruiser

Light Cruiser

  • Requires: Factory level 1 plus harbour
  • Costs: 15,000 pounds, 3,000 iron ore, 2,000 coal, and 2,000 oil
  • Production time: 4 days divided by factory level
  • Strength: 2 / 2 (sea)
  • Speed: 40km/h (sea)
  • Range: 40 km




The Light Cruiser is a viable alternative to the Battleship. Even though it is not as powerful and has a lower range, it can be built much earlier, uses less resources and has a higher top speed. Using the light cruiser can give players an edge from the very beginning of a game.






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