Economics & Resources


Diplomatic relations are essential for the outcome of the game, but you have to keep an eye on your resources at all times, because you will need them in order for your citizens to be happy, for your troops to keep moving, and for your buildings to keep working.


  • The Resources
  • The Stock Market
  • Selling resources for a price defined by yourself
  • Buying resources that are offered on the stock market
  • Placing a trade request for a price defined by yourself
  • Satisfying a trade request placed by someone else
  • Resource Categories
  • Food
  • Building Materials
  • Energy

The Resources


In total, there are three different categories of resources that are essential for the survival of the European people: Food, building materials, and energy. Luckily all those resources are available on European soil. At the beginning of your term as the ruler of your country, it will consist of 12 provinces. Each province has a focus on one single resource that is being produced in large amounts to be shared throughout the nation.


Resources are produced and consumed continuously. The resulting income rate for each resource is indicated per hour. If a resource is used up completely and still has a negative income rate, the resulting shortage will have negative effects like a drop in morale or buildings that cannot fulfill their duties anymore.




The Stock Market


To compensate resource deficiencies - for example if your nation does not produces any oil, but you need some to build e.g. a factory or advanced weaponry (see chapter "Province Upgrades" and "Factory Productions") - you can have a look at the stock market. There you can:


  • Sell resources you currently don't need for a price that you define
  • Buy resources that are offered on the market
  • Request resources for a price that you think is adequate, e.g. if the current prices are too high
  • Satisfy a request someone else has placed on the market



Selling resources for a price defined by yourself


Sometimes you reach a point where you have more than enough of a certain resource and it might be better to turn it into cash. One possibility is to place an insertion on the stock market. Think about what price might be okay for your further intentions, select "Sell" and the resource you want to sell in the "New Order" panel. Enter the amount, the price and press "Place order". After you confirm the popup window your trade offer will immediately appear on the market and in your order queue.



Buying resources that are offered on the stock market


After some time, other nations - human controlled ones as well as AI-controlled nations - will place their own trade offers on the market. The prices vary, depending on how much is available and how much is needed: a resource that almost everybody needs at the beginning, like iron ore for the fortresses, is often rarely available and thus has a high price. Later on, when the need for declines, the prices will become lower. As usual, the demand determines the supply.


If you find a resource you need, just execute a double click on it in the orderbooks and confirm the popup window. If you just need a part of an offer, select "Buy" and the resource in the "New Order" panel and enter the desired amount and the given price. The amount you entered will be purchased from an existing trade offer. If you enter a bigger number than is available on the market, the excess amount will be placed as a new order and you have to wait until someone satisfies your offer.



Placing a trade request for a price defined by yourself


Every now and then a certain resource is only being offered for prices that are way too high. You can then make a request to buy a resource for a lower price. Select "Buy", enter the required information and your trade request will appear on the market. Now you will have to wait until someone agrees to sell you the requested resources at your price. It can sometimes take a long until someone does, especially if you request a resource that is currently needed by everyone in this round.








Satisfying a trade request placed by someone else


You can check the market for open trade requests. Those can be found in the orderbooks, displayed below the sell orders. If you have enough of a certain resource and realize that others need them and they're willing to pay a price you agree with, just double click on the buy order and confirm the popup window. If you have more than requested, the requested amount will be taken from your stack; if you have less than that, all your remaining stack will be given away. Of course you can also give a lower amount than requested. To do that, just place a sell order at the same price as the buy order you want to satisfy and enter the amount you want to give away.


Note: All orders in your order queue that are not yet executed are cancelable! Just select the open trade in the order queue and press the "Cancel"-button on the bottom of the queue panel.




Resource Categories



Each of the three resource categories (food, building materials and energy) has to be available to be consumed by your population. In the resource window you can adjust individually which resource shall be used to meet the needs within each category.

If the requirements cannot be met any longer, because specific resources are not available anymore, the shortage in this category will lead to a drop in the province morale.

In addition to the category needs, armies and province upgrades can have additional needs for specific resource types. Army units, for example, consume grain and oil.


Important facts:

  • Resource categories have a minimum need per day and province. This consumption can be covered by any resource type in a category.
  • Some provinces produce almost twice the amount of resources than others. They are marked with two resource icons in the strategic map.
  • Resource production is dependent on the contentment or morale in a province.
  • Both morale and production can be boosted by providing additional infrastructure to the province.




Food is the most important resource in Europe because it is needed in large amounts by its population. While in many continental provinces grain can be harvested, many coastal regions provide good opportunities for fishing.



Minimum Daily Needs

Consequences of Shortage

Food demand:

800 tons
per day and province
Severe drop of morale.


20 tons per unit and day,
1000 tons per barracks

Drop of unit morale
Disabled barracks


No minimum amount needed



Building Material

In order to maintain and improve the infrastructure of your country as well as to produce high-tech weaponry in your factories, you need lumber and iron ore as a basis.



Minimum Daily Needs

Consequences of Shortage

Material demand:

800 tons
per day and province
Drop of morale.


No minimum amount needed

Iron Ore

No minimum amount needed




Energy and its production is one of the most versatile resources with respect to the whole course of the game. While coal will probably be of great importance in the later phases of the game to supply the railways, oil is the number one resource to keep your military running. Gas on the other hand is not used for specific military units (except the balloon) or buildings (except the Aerodrome), but serves as an excellent power supply in order to reach the daily minimum need and to save a lot of the other energy resources.

Both, the building and the energy resources will gain more and more relevance when the growing industrialization of your country allows you to produce more and more powerful mechanized weapons.



Minimum Daily Needs

Consequences of Shortage

Energy demand:

800 tons per day and province Drop of morale.


500 tons per railway Railways will stop working until they get repaired.


No minimum amount of gas needed


5 barrels per unit Army travel speed and strength decreases.




  • Make sure your stock and daily production meet the minimum needs for each resource. Otherwise, your nation will suffer from the aforementioned consequences.
  • The resource sliders can be used to specify the percentage of the minimum category consumption that should be covered with a resource.
    For example: It is a good idea to consume gas before other kinds of energy. By adjusting the slider for gas, you will automatically reduce the consumed amount of the precious resources coal (needed to maintain the railway) and oil (needed for military upgrades).
  • Besides simply trading resources you can also trade army units, weapons or even whole provinces with other leaders.



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