Goldmark are the Premium currency in Supremacy 1914. With them you can use special features in the game that are not available without the use of Goldmark. You can very successfully play Supremacy 1914 without using Goldmark, but the systematic use of Goldmark can give you the crucial advantage that can lead you to victory.


  • Goldmark Features:
  • Propaganda Campaign
  • Premium Resources
  • Army Reinforcement
  • Building Speed-Up
  • Production Speed-Up
  • Espionage
  • Gold Rounds
  • How do I get Goldmark?

Goldmark Features

Propaganda Campaign

If you hover your mouse over a city whose morale is lower than 100%, you have the possibility to start a Propaganda Campaign. It will raise the morale by 5% for 500 GM. You can also find this option in the 3D province view.



Premium Resources

The stock market can be tough at times. There are no affordable offers or the available offers are greyed out due to trade embargoes or wars. That's where Premium Resource offers come in. They allow you to buy resources (1,000 at a time) at a starting price of 1 Goldmark per ton. With every purchase, the price rises by 0.5 GM per ton.






Army Reinforcement

When your troops return from battle, have marched through enemy territory for a long time or they are weakened by a forced march, you can increase their morale by sending them reinforcements. The costs depend on the overall strength of an army: A 10% increase costs 25 GM for each strength point. Since mechanical units are stronger than infantry, it is more expensive to increase their condition.


The morale boost can be found in the army info panel next to the morale display. If you hover your mouse over the button, the calculated costs for this specific army are shown.


Note: Not the actual strength (which factors in the current condition/morale of the army) is being calculated but the theoretical strength an army would have at 100% condition/morale.







Building Speed-Up

If you are building an upgrade in one of your provinces you can reduce its building time by 12 hours. You can do this in the building menu of the respective province, by using the button below the small province info window, or by clicking the upgrade in the 3D province view.

Note: You can finish the building of an upgrade with this function, but every building has a certain time when it becomes available in the game. It is not possible to build a factory or an aerodrome in the first days of a game. You have to wait until the specific day in the game. An overview which upgrade becomes available on which day can be found here.



Production Speed-Up

If you have a factory in one of your cities, you can reduce the time for any ongoing production by 12 hours for 1,000 GM. You can also find this option if you click on the corresponding unit icon in the province window or by clicking the speed up button in the factory window in the 3D province view.




Besides the usual spy options, you can also find the option to hire a Master Spy in the espionage headquarters. For this option you don’t have to recruit a normal spy and the spy reports will be available immediately. You don’t have to wait for the daily spy report.

Your three options are:


1.Intelligence missions: For 1,000 GM each you can gather information about your opponents (revealing armies near the chosen province, reveal enemy spies on your territory, intercept communications of your opponent or gather information about the factory production in the chosen province).


2. Economic Sabotage: For 2,000 GM each you can either decrease the morale of an opponent’s province by 10% or destroy parts of the resource production for the day in the province you’ve chosen.


3. Military Sabotage: For 2,000 GM you can damage a building in an enemy province (except the capital building). You can also reveal all armies of an opponent for 4,000 GM. This does not only affect the nearby provinces, but all units on the map.



Gold Rounds

If you spend 5,000 GM you can either create a gold round or join an already existing one. Gold rounds offer a variety of additional features and special units. You can find a more detailed description here.




How do I get Goldmark?

There are four ways of obtaining Goldmark:

  1. In our shop you will find different offers that you can buy using all the usual payment methods.
  2. There you can also find our "SponsorPay" and "SuperRewards" offers with which you can earn Goldmark.
  3. You will also receive Goldmark if you vote for Supremacy through our "Vote for us" page. This option is available every 24 hours.
  4. All players who are still active at the end of a game receive Goldmark at the amount of their "Index of Power" score.


You can find your current Goldmark balance in the info bar at the top of the Supremacy 1914 homepage:

In the game client you can find your balance in the profile box:



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