Optional Game Features


When you create a new game round, you can select from a number of different starting options. This allows you to set up games which suit your playing style.


  • Nation Selection
  • Extra Units
  • Anti-Cheat
  • Minimum Rank
  • Peace Period
  • Peace Period AI
  • Maximum Inactivity
  • Honor Period
  • Frontline Pioneer
  • Password

Nation Selection

In a standard game you can choose which country you would like to play. However, if you deactivate Nation Selection, countries will be randomly assigned to every player.



Extra Units

There is a fixed set of units available in all games. Once you reach the rank of Warrant Officer Class Two, you can expand this by activating the Air Unit Pack. It introduces the Fighter, the Bomber, and the Ballon to the game. At the same time, only players who have reached the minimum rank will be able to join such a game.

Starting at the rank of Second Lieutenant, you can also select the Naval Unit Pack, adding the air units as well as the Light Cruiser and the Submarine.



The Anti-Cheat system is activated as the standard option. It prevents multiple users from logging into the game from the same internet connection. Should someone try it anyway, his/her account will be suspended from the round.

If you like, you can deactivate the Anti-Cheat system to allow for family and friends to play together. However, games with deactivated Anti-Cheat will not be ranked, meaning that no points will be awarded for the service record.


Minimum Rank

Here you can define the minimum rank a player must have in order to join your game. Your own rank is the highest you can enter as the minimum rank.


Peace Period

During the peace period, it is not possible to declare war, attack any human players, or be attacked by them. It is also impossible to enter their provinces, unless right-of-way or shared map has been granted. This non-aggression pact cannot be broken. You can set a peace period for anywhere up to 14 DE days.


Peace Period AI

This peace period applies to all computer opponents. It can also be up to 14 DE days. The same rules as with the human player peace period apply.

Maximum Inactivity

This specifies the days of inactivity after which a human player is taken over by the AI. Inactive players can be replaces by the game creator/game admin. You can enter a value of 2 to 5days. If you don't set a number of days here then the standard value of 5 days will be applied automatically.

Please note that players may not be removed from gold rounds, no matter how inactive they are.


Honor Period

If activated, you have to adhere to an honor period before attacking another player. War has to be declared x hours in advance before a player can be attacked. Before an honor period is complete, it is neither possible to attack the player's armies nor to enter his/her territory. You can enter a time frame of up to 48 hours for the honor period.


Frontline Pioneer

Only frontline pioneer have access to these games, which include early updates and yet unpublished features for testing purposes.



You can protect your game with a password to make sure that only your friends can play in it. Only people who know the password can enter the game.



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